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I contacted Netflix support who told me "IPv6 doesn't work with IPv4 tunneling".

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On your client machine, use the same configuration as your server, and start your client.

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Projects of Shadowsocks are distributed under different licenses, including APL 2.0, GPLv3 and LGPLv3. Theme by Karma. Since I enabled IPv6 in my house, Netflix has basically not worked - the website doesn't even load.

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dnspipe - an IPv4/IPv6 DNS Changer without root. By default, Windows favors IPv6 global unicast addresses over IPv4 addresses. Original product version: Windows 10 - all editions, Windows  It is common for IT administrators to disable IPv6 to troubleshoot networking-related issues such as name resolution issues. I too would like either option (set custom ipv6 DNS or to disable ipv6). Google user. recommended this.

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Two weeks ago, I noted that Netflix was accessible over IPv6. At the time, it was only their website, not their streaming service. Today, at NANOG 46, Netflix announced that their streaming service now IPv6 Connectivity.

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另外,若仅仅是想在IPv4环境下想要访问IPv6网站,可以参考6Plat的46模块手册,发送邮件申请一个6Plat的openVPN账号,下载openVPN并按照手册登录即可。 注:以下绝大部分内容需要IPv6网络以及机器支持,请自行检查环境,简单测试可以访问 1. 改hosts/使用IPv6 DNS Netflix es totalmente compatible con conexiones IPv6 proporcionadas por tu proveedor de servicios de internet. ¿Qué debo hacer luego? Si has deshabilitado algún proxy, VPN u otro software de enrutamiento, pero sigues viendo este mensaje, comunícate con tu proveedor de servicios de Internet. 鉴于目前教育网内ipv6的不计费特性,用ipv6上网对于学生(尤其是开发者)更为适合。买个VPS一个月就5美刀,除了科学上网还可以用来做其他很多事,还是比较合算的。前前后后折腾了几次,写个比较全的教程希望对读者有所帮助。 shadowsocks的搭建本部分请参考: Shadowsocks Python版一键安装脚本—-秋水 IPv6 support: **No** Full root access Instant RDNS update from control panel Automatic migration between datacenters No contract, anytime cancellation Strictly self-managed, no support 99.9% uptime guarantee: $39.99 USD Monthly $119.99 USD Quarterly $215.99 USD Semi-Annually $399.99 USD Annually Perdió algo que amaba.